At Rust & Revenge we have an assortment of changing stock. This means fresh, beautiful designs regularly. From one week to the next, when you visit our online store, you will find a whole new variety of genuine leather handbags to choose from. Our favourites will often return to the store, but we recommend that if you see a bag you LOVE; you order it right away to avoid the disappointment of someone else ordering it before you. Because there might only ever be one of that specific bag in our store!

Why do we do it this way?

We love to keep things unique and fresh and don't like the idea of mass production. The fantastic people we work with who make our beautiful Rust & Revenge genuine leather handbags like to mix it up and make new styles and shapes. Most of all, we love the idea of always having new handbags to choose from! Whatever we have on the online store at the moment is what we have in stock now and available to purchase immediately. When the available stock is running low we have a whole new assortment made. Some might be the same and some might be completely new - so you can keep coming back to our online store to add to your Rust & Revenge collection!