"Discounted" bags only include bags with the word DISCOUNT in the title.
In other words this does not include bags that are just on SALE – for items on SALE this page is not relevant.

Why are they DISCOUNTED?

These bags are genuine leather and the leather has a flaw that didn’t satisfy our quality checks. For example a small tear/cut in the leather (remember leather does not run so does not “ladder” in any way) or an issue with over stitching, or a stain on the leather etc. These flaws are mostly hard to spot unless you are really looking for them - the bigger the flaw the bigger the discount 🙂None of the flaws will affect the functionality of your bag - for example, none will have a seam that comes unstitched or a zip that can't close.

We do not list each flaw on each product page so here are some photo-examples of the kinds of reasons we have given discounts…

PLEASE NOTE: Returns are not accepted due to these flaws. You are acknowledging that you are purchasing a discounted bag when you buy it and that you are aware of the fact that it will have flaws. Any returns negotiated require the buyer to cover courier costs.

Natural scars and scratches from the life of the leather are not counted as flaws!